A High School Sweatheart Love Story

Who doesn't love a good love story? I am a hopeless romantic, so I can for sure say, that I love them!

Meet Taylor and Ryan!

Taylor was Miss Nicollet, and was in their local parade. Ryan saw her, and knew he had to meet her. Through a mutual friend he found her on Facebook. They became friends and Ryan then asked Taylor out on a date!

Of course Taylor's dad was reluctant to let Taylor go, because he thought it was silly to go on date with a boy who saw her in a parade. He finally agreed and Taylor and Ryan went on a double date with Taylor's Best Friend to the County Fair.

Taylor and Ryan shared a few more dates together before they finally decided to be an official couple.

Right out of school Ryan joined the Marine Corps and Taylor is attending Minnesota State University, Mankato, where she is pursuing her degree in Nursing.

Taylor has stuck by his side even through boot camp with a brief break, but I think it may have helped that Ryan called her one day during boot camp and said "I'm stuck in this desert and I miss you!"

Ryan is stationed in California, so the two of them spend a lot of time traveling back and forth to see each other.

Once Ryan is out, he will be going back to college to pursue a degree anything that involve law enforcement, and Taylor will move on to get her degree in Nurse Practioning.

When we met out at Red Jacket Park, they both informed me that neither have really had professional pictures done, however, I found they were both natural in front of the camera.

Kamra Joosten