Ashley and Jason

Ashley and Jason were so much fun to work with. I am beyond excited about their wedding day.

Ashley and Jason have known each other since high school, however, they both went their own ways after they graduated.

When Ashley was 22, they went out with mutual friends and Jason asked Ashley why she didn't like him. Her response was, "Shut up, I like you!" Jason however wanted to know why she didn't like him, like him, and she was thinking he was just being smart at that time, and left it alone.

One night Ashley asked Jason if a friend and him wanted to out with her and her best friend.

After that night, Ashley and Jason started to hang out more, and learned more about each other. They started dating right before Thanksgiving of 2011.


Christmas Eve that year, he slept over. He woke up early, and as he was leaving, he whispered in her ear, "Remember, you have the key!" She had no idea what he meant by that, until she began opening presents with her family.

Under the Christmas Tree was a box addressed to Ashley, in that box was a Heart Locket, with a key to unlock it. He had given her the key to his heart.

At that moment she knew he was going to be someone special.


Fast forward 7 years!

Ashley and Jason were headed up to their cabin for a long weekend. It was Labor Day weekend, and they wanted to get in one last weekend of fishing, bon fires, and grilling. Their friends Felicia and Joey went along. Little did Ashley know, so did a little hitch hiker that Jason had in his pocket. She also didn't know that everyone staying at the Cabin was in on the little surprise.

They woke up early Saturday Morning, tinkered in the garage, got the boat ready, and got it in the water.

They spent the whole day on the lake, hitting up all their favorite spots, where they catch Crappies and Sunnies. Their last stop was through a channel where a river connected to the lake.

This spot has always had a special meaning to Jason and his Grandfather. When he was young, his Grandfather would take him to that spot, and they would catch so many fish. Now, Jason was about to catch Ashley for the rest of his life.


Ashley was in the front of the boat, and in her own little world, while Jason was preparing to get down on one knee. Jason tied the ring to his fishing line, and dangled it in front of Ashley.

Ashley was wondering what he was doing, and thought he was about to poke her eye out, when she saw the sparkle. She then turned around and saw the ring. Jason of course asked the question, and of course Ashley said yes.

Felicia was there to capture the moment for them.

Back at the Cabin, was Jason's Grandma, but his Grandma had no idea this was happening, until she saw the ring. Ashley said to her, "Look what I "caught" on the boat!"

And the rest is history!

Kamra Joosten