New Year, New Chapter

As I sit here one month into the new year, I reflect on what I learned in 2019. I learned many new tricks, and I also perfected many old tricks. I also learned that my bookkeeping skills are not up to par, and my Social Media posts are lacking. I learned that I am awesome behind the camera, but not so well in front of the camera. This is something I need to perfect this year. I need to let go of the body image I have of myself and learn to love my own body.

I am so great at empowering other women, but when it comes to empowering myself, I fail. If I am put in front of the camera, I make silly faces (see image below) or I hide myself. I am going to work on loving me.

I am at my heaviest, and I struggle with self love because of it. Wait, that is not true, because even at my lowest weight, I had a hard time loving myself. I want to change this, because I have daughters that are getting older, and I want nothing more then for them to love themselves.

So I hope to be able to post more of me, and behind the scenes this year, because I feel it is important for my clients to also know me and how I work. What my life is like, and things I also enjoy doing when I am not behind the camera.