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Hey there, I’m Kamra Joosten. I’m a Photographer that services all of Minnesota, and based out of St. James, MN. I also travel all over for Weddings.


Yes my name is Kamra (Camera). I did not however, get into photography because of my name, but maybe it was meant to be.

I never envisioned myself as a photographer, in fact I graduated from College with a AAS Degree in Architectural Drafting. Although I never envisioned myself as a photographer, it was something I was always interested in.

My passion for photography really began in my teens. I started with a Canon Point and Shoot, and many of my victims (aka models) were always my cousins and pets. Throughout the years, I became more passionate about it and once I had children, I decided to make it my career.

We have 4 children with Special Needs (3 are adopted), 7 children total. We always found it hard to find an photographer that would take natural pictures of our family in our element. We have children, whom do not like eye contact, and most of the photographers we found would push for them to look at the camera. This is when I decided that I wanted to give families a photographer that knew the importance of capturing those children in their element, without pushing them into something they were uncomfortable with.

I also feel that this helps me tell my clients story, whether it be their wedding day, or just simple family portraits. I aim to capture the natural smiles that come from the deep belly laughs, and the interaction between the parents and their children.

I love the natural passion between couples, especially when their significant other comes up behind them and wraps them in a great big bear hug.

The moment between a couple right before their first kiss as husband and wife.

All of this is important to me. All of this tells a story, it tells their story. In the end, the only thing we have to share with our future generations is our memories, and what better way to share those memories then with photographs.

People unfortunately pass on, but memories and photos will always remain, and those are important. This is my mission, to provide you with those memories, those images and those stories.

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“I just want to tell you how awesome you are. I mean it, I was just looking back on pictures you have taken, and I love how you get my little families weirdness.”

~Wedding Client


I am a mom, wife, photographer, daycare provider and a hopeless romantic.

As I said above, I am a mom of 7 wonderful children who are not always excited about having a mom that walks around with a camera attached to her hands, but I look at it as the memories they will have for future generations.

I am a wife to an amazing Chef (this does not make it easy on the waistline), and he is my biggest supporter.

I love to travel, and I love finding the beauty in people, that you may not find in yourself. Let me be the one to tell your story!


Much love,




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