Session Includes:

Up to 2 outfits

1 hour

Online Gallery

Print Release

Dolled Up


Session Includes:


Up to 3 outfits

90 minutes

Online Gallery

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Session Includes:

Hair and Make-up

Unlimited Outfits

2 hours

Online Gallery

Print Release

All sessions include posing guidance and help picking out outfits including links to my Pinterest Board and Amazon finds. All galleries are set to private (only visible by you) and locked with a passcode that only you'll receive. Additional products can be purchased also at any time.

Why a Boudoir Session?

I know a lot of girls or men, who are on the fence when it comes to doing a session. Some feel self conscious. Some find it silly to do a session if they are not gifting it to a special someone. Some feel like they are just not the type to wear lingerie. Don't worry! I promise by the time you leave your session, you will feel amazing and empowered.

Don't want to do a session by yourself? No worries, bring some friends. We can even do a Style or Theme for your session. Lazy Morning Lover, Fitness and finesse, Pajama Party (with the Bridal Party), or even Pool Party (with your Bridal Party) are all great ideas.

I am a professional that will treat you with respect and care. When you book your session with me, I will ask you about your comfort levels, what style or theme your would like and I prioritize your style, requests and budget.

By booking a Boudoir Session, you will be celebrating the beauty and sensuality of your body. In a sense your will be reclaiming it. We do not need to be physically perfect to please men, and it is time for us to rewrite this story. We are perfect just the way we are.