It's a Girl!

I have had the pleasure of watching this family grow since their oldest, who is now in the 2nd Grade has been a year old. Each time mama was pregnant, we waited and waited until she had the baby to see what it would be. Each time a boy or 2. Finally on her 4th pregnancy we waited and waited with anticipation.

This is a daycare family of mine, and so being able to watch them grow is quite special to me. Not only to watch as their family grows, but as their boys grow.

When mama came to me to tell me she was pregnant, she said I needed to keep it a secret as they had not told the boys yet, or their family. The only reason they were telling me is they wanted to make sure I kept an opening in my daycare for their new little one. Of Course!!

So now we waited! Was it going to be a boy again? Or, would we finally have a girl? I say we because all of my daycare families have been with me either since I have opened my daycare, or since they were born. We have all become a family, or at least to me they have.

Not only did I now have to wait to see what they were going to have, I also needed to wait until they spilled the beans to the boys before I could ask them about it. I mean I needed to know if they were excited. I also needed to know if they wanted a baby brother or a baby sister.

Finally the time came and I was able to ask them, however, I was not expecting the answers I was going to get. The oldest said he wanted a baby sister because they only had one girl in the family (their cousin). The rest wanted a boy.

When I asked why a boy? Their response was, "Because girls are not for us. They are for a different family." As time went on, it soon became 2 wanting a baby sister and 2 rooting for a baby brother. I of course was on team girl!

Finally on a Sunday morning as I was scrolling Facebook, an announcement was made. They had a baby Girl!! Oh my lord! Don't tell them, but I cried! Yes I had tears! I was so darn excited for them! I could not wait to meet their little one, but most of all I could not wait to hear how the boys felt about their new baby sister!

They all of course were so excited. Which I figured they would be! So without me going on and on, meet Baby Tegan!