What to Expect

Here are some basic tips for you...I reserve a few spots each month for my Newborn Sessions, so it is best to book early with me, to guarantee your spot. To reserve your spot 50% of your session fee is due at the time of booking. Now that you have paid your deposit to save your date, now you are wondering what to expect. Let me take this moment to walk you through the next steps.

First I will send you an agreement to sign. This just goes over the nitty gritty about your session.

Next if you little one is not yet born, you simply stay in touch with me, and you will receive a client guide for your session.

It is best for you to contact me the day your little one is born, I realize that the day can be busy, so it is perfectly fine to let a family member or friend contact me. They will be ecstatic to share the news of the new little one. Once I am contacted I will give you an appointment date. It is best to have this date be within the first 21 days of your little ones life.

I keep my studio quite warm for the little one while he/she is in their birthday suit. It is best if you dress in layers for your session. You will want to peel away the layers, as trust me, your will get warm. I usually wear capri's and a t-shirt, even when it is cold outside. Also please don't ever apologize to me if your little pees or poos on me, they pee and poo on everything, it is perfectly normal. I have had 7 children of my own so a little pee and poop does not bother me, plus I wash everything after every session.

I suggest packing a snack, light meal, and/or a drink as these sessions can take up to 3 hours. Take this time to put your feet up and rest, even take a quick little nap, parenting is hard, especially during the first few days. You are getting use to being on baby time. If I need you to assist during a session, I will wake you up, and guide you through what is needed. The safety of the baby is always first in my studio, so asking your to help is one way for me to keep your little one safe.

I have everything that is needed for your session, but please bring any sentimental items that you would like me to include in your session. Other helpful items are a pacifier (even if they do not use one yet), wipes, diapers, a spare bottle and pumped breast milk or formula. Babies eat more during their session then they normally would, don't worry this is normal.

Nude photos are cute, but they are not mandatory. If you are uncomfortable having your baby nude in photos, please let me know, I will not be offended in the least.

After your session you will receive an online gallery of your images and a print release. You will have access to all your images for about 6 months, I highly recommend you download your images and save the to two separate locations, like an external hard drive and a flash drive. Sneak peeks on Social Media are usually posted within the same week of your session.